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Align Yourself With Your Dream Role

Align Yourself With Your Dream Role

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Studies suggest that, over a lifetime, the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work. That's a 1/3 of your expected time allowance on this planet, with no re-runs or second goes let's not forget. You have one shot at life, so make every second count, including with how you make a living.

For most of us, having a job isn't optional. Earning money is a prerequisite of having a life, so our lives are often dictated by the amount of green stuff we are able to pull in. Where we do have a choice, however, is with what we do on our career paths.

Are you following a passion? Are you looking to the future, setting goals and bringing dreams into reality? If not, then first you must believe that it is possible and then start carefully planning and taking positive action to achieve the impossible. Getting the job of your dreams won't happen by chance, it will happen when you make it happen.

OK, the Mr Motivator hat is coming off now; here's just some good ol' tried and true advice that will help you.

1. The first hurdle, and arguably the biggest one, is to change your mind-set. You need to cultivate a renewed sense of positivity around everything to do with career, job searching and applying for roles. This can be extremely difficult, especially when negative experiences have tarnished how you feel and the stigma attached to job hunting still presides over your perceptions. It's vital you shake yourself free of the negativity, and get excited about the process. You are about to take a big, bold step towards being your best self and you are doing this for you. Feel empowered, get inspired and ignite the fire within.

2. Spring clean your little piece of cyberspace. Nowadays, we exist in a semi-virtual reality and just like the physical world we inhabit, it's important that it is a pure and positive reflection of who we are. Before you get stuck in with the job search, spend some time having a thorough clean-up of all the virtual baggage which no longer serves you. Just like you would your home. Change your laptop's backdrop to something new and inspiring, for example. These small actions help to shift your mind onto a higher vibrational frequency where you are better able to attract what you desire. If you think that sounds like hippy-dippy nonsense, you are ignoring a powerful tool at your disposal. I refer to this quote by Paulo Coelho;

3. Create a clean, beautiful space for your job search to begin. Effective organisation is key here. You are going to potentially be dipping in and out of multiple CV templates and accessing any number of different websites, so it cannot be emphasised enough the importance of bringing law and order to your desktop activities. Make and label specific folders for the various roles/companies you are interested in. Bookmark pages that are relevant. Have everything you need in one place, where it is easily accessible. Once the systems are in place then it's plain sailing, so make the extra effort. There is so much now online to help you in your quest for a dream job. Long gone are the days of printing off 20 copies of your CV and sending them off in the post (although sending a letter is a really nice touch, along with an accompanying email). Nowadays, jobs that meet your search criteria flash up as notifications on your phone and you are able to apply instantly. Job apps, LinkedIn, recruitment blogs are many on the internet, so get savvy using all the amazing technology that's out there.

4. Become the person who does the job you want. This applies to both your physical and virtual realities. Again, spend time looking critically over your online profiles. Do they reflect positively on who you are for the kind of work you're after. It is no longer so easy to hide your personal life, with social media encouraging us to bare our souls to the world at every given opportunity. Embrace the transparency. Spend a little time on social media maintenance each day and in no time you will have sifted through all the rubbish that has accumulated over the years and be left with fresh, slick looking accounts that represent your best life. In terms of the real world, start aligning your lifestyle with the job you want. Go to events that will enable you to network with people within the same industry, connect with people on the internet in groups specific to what you're interested in and don't be afraid to ask people for advice and insider knowledge. Honestly, most people would be really flattered and only too happy to help.

5. Don't be derailed by setbacks. This is really, really important to keep in mind. You have had and are going have setbacks. That is life. And it sucks. But, while you cannot change the inevitability of setbacks, you can change your attitude towards them. This is where your greatest power lies, in how you react to what life throws at you. Probably the most important thing to get straight in your head is exactly what it is you want. And sometimes that requires a little soul searching and quiet time to listen to your heart, instead of the constant babble of your mind. However, once you really set your sights on a goal then very little will be able to stop you achieving it. You get knocked back, you bounce back harder and quicker on your feet than before, with an even greater hunger for the success you know is yours.

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