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Act Your Shoe Size And Release Your Inner Child

Act Your Shoe Size And Release Your Inner Child

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As we get older, our lives seem to become increasingly serious and lacking in lighthearted fun. Gone are the days of our carefree childhood; running around with wild abandon seeing the wonder in everything. But why is this so?

Yes, of course, as adults we have far greater responsibilities and maybe the idea of charging around recklessly has lost some of it's appeal, or ceases to be physically possible! However, studies have shown that incorporating fun, innocent activities pursued purely for enjoyment into your life, can be a powerful way to boost your mental and physical health.

Take a look at these ideas for becoming more playful in your day-to-day;

Get artsy&crafty

Keep a box specifically for artistic creativity, such as jewellery making or pebble painting. Have the readies for moments of spontaneous creative impulse and start making art for art's sake!

Play games

Lots of adults, especially women, feel that playing games is a waste of time and something that only children do. Wrong. Games are for everyone! It's amazing how refreshing and fun playing games can be. Make a point of reminding yourself of the games you loved to play as a child, such as pairs or snakes and ladders.

Bake for fun

Fun baking is a sure fire way to rekindle childhood memories. Have a go at making cupcakes or some fun biscuits then get creative with the decorating. Think; tons of sprinkles, brightly coloured icing and creative designs made out of shop-bought sweets.

Child's eyes

Try to spend time seeing the world with child's eyes again. A country walk is a good setting for this. Look at the trees and the wildlife around you with a fresh sense of awe and see the magic of the world reveal itself to you.

Fun trips

Plan trips that are dedicated solely to the pursuit of fun. This could be a trip to the beach to build sandcastles, bobbing around in a swimming pool on a blow-up unicorn or a trip to an amusement arcade to play the cuddly toy machines.

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