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A Muffin May Contain A Day's Worth Of Sugar, A Study Suggests

A Muffin May Contain A Day's Worth Of Sugar, A Study Suggests

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According to the BBC, it has been discovered by researchers that blueberry muffins which are being sold by stores have the equivalent of, or more of the suggested amount of sugar for a grown adult.

Action on Sugar and the January Obesity Health Alliance discovered that the muffins could be made up of over eight teaspoons of sugar.

While the RDI for adults is seven, it's even less for children.

The recommended daily limit for adults is seven - for children it is less.

Experts on health state that what has been discovered demonstrated it was far "too easy" to eat large quantities of sugar.

Labelling not doing enough

Closely observing 28 muffins sold in train station and supermarkets' food outlets, Action on Sugar and the Obesity Health Alliance discovered that 61% of these cakes held the equivalent of or over six teaspoons of sugar - the highest daily maximum for a child that is between the ages of 7 and 10.

It was also learnt that the muffins purchased in food retailers had 19% more sugar (per portion) and were 32% bigger overall, than those purchased in the supermarket.

Large variation was also apparent, muffins from M&S obtained a more reasonable three teaspoons.

The Obesity Health Alliance's, Caroline Cerny, stated: "We may think grabbing a blueberry muffin is a reasonably healthy option for a snack on the go compared to other cakes or a chocolate bar - yet the figures suggest otherwise.

"There is huge variation in both the size of muffins and the sugar content, and with limited nutrition labelling, it's all too easy to eat a huge amount of sugar in just one serving.

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