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A Guide to Rose Colours and what They Signify

A Guide to Rose Colours and what They Signify

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Roses are synonymous with romantic gestures and heartfelt messages. They are a symbol of love and beauty, however they come in many different shades all pertaining to a specific sentiment.

Take a look at this guide and find out what each rose colour means, so as to be sure that you are sending out the right message with your gifted bouquet.

Red rose

The classic symbol of true love, a red rose is the emblem of romance. These are what you give when you want to ignite feelings of passion within the receiver, or to tell them without the need of words just how much you love them.

White rose

The crisp, white petals of this snow white rose evokes innocence and purity. They are also referred to as the 'wedding rose' and are a popular choice of decoration for couples getting married.

Pink rose

Pink bouquets of roses are less romantic than their blood red relatives, but do also provide a loving touch. They make the perfect gift for close friends and people whom you love, but not romantically.

Yellow rose

These yellow buds are pure joy and are used to represent happy vibes between people. They are a great way of showing your gratitude or cheering up someone who is sick or in need of a little lift.

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