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8 Ideas for Meat-Free Christmas Mains

8 Ideas for Meat-Free Christmas Mains

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Whether it’s for the sake of the planet, the animals, personal health, or any other reason, meat-free diets are becoming pretty popular. Problem is, the traditional Christmas dinner is a meat-heavy affair, with turkey (or goose), pigs-in-blankets, and meat gravy. How is a meat-free family to get that great Christmas grub feeling without a generous slice of turkey?

Well, quite easily, actually! Get your recipe books out and see what you think of our meat-free Christmas dinner alternatives.

Nut roast

This is the classic turkey replacement! Christmas dinner as usual, in all of its sprouty glory, but with a hearty, savoury nut roast in place of the turkey. Nut roast is a filling, versatile, and delicious dish which can be chilled and reheated a great many times without losing flavour or consistency. Perfect for Boxing Day leftovers!

Butternut squash

The number of things you can do with a butternut squash is immense. Bake it and mash with pine nuts and chilli for a warming, satisfying main course. Or roast it with Persian spices, almonds and pistachios for an exotic turkey alternative.

Vegetarian risotto

Risotto is an endlessly adaptable and versatile dish. A hearty serving of risotto along with the rest of the Christmas dinner will keep you and your guests full and content for hours. Plus, you can use any excess sauce to make veggie gravy.

Spiced roasted cauliflower

Cauliflowers can provide all of that solid chewiness that makes meat so satisfying, but without any of the guilt. A whole roasted cauliflower (or two!) rubbed in paprika paste, garlic, lemon, and savoury herbs provides a very tasty alternative to the traditional turkey. Non-vegans could take this a step further and add cheese for a king-sized spicy cauliflower cheese. Delicious!

Roasted baby pumpkins

Much like butternut squash, there’s a lot that you can do with a baby pumpkin. We suggest stuffing your baby pumpkins with a delicious mixture of chestnuts, cheese, and whatever else piques your taste. Roasted, stuffed baby pumpkins make a lovely and satisfying centrepiece to your Christmas platter.

Vegetable curry

Who says that Christmas dinner has to be traditional? A vegetable curry could be exactly what you need to warm your cockles in the depths of December. Plus, a large pot of curry will probably last you through until Boxing Day and beyond!

 Vegetable tart

Root vegetables are the ultimate comfort food. Combining them with nuts and cheese in a tatin is the perfect way to satisfy all of your most indulgent Christmas dinner desires.


Raviolis are very satisfying to eat. They’re even kind of Christmas themed, if you think of them as like tiny presents or crackers! Whether you make your own or buy from the supermarket, vegetarian (and even vegan) ravioli comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavours. Scout around and see what you can find?

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