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7 Indulgent Sandwich Recipes

7 Indulgent Sandwich Recipes

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The humble sandwich; filling British bellies in a convenient fashion since 1762. It was here that the idea for a sandwich was first conceived, attributed to one John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, who wanted food served to him whilst he continued gambling.

An innovative chef thought to give him cold meat between two slices of bread. And so, the "sandwich" become popularised.

Today, on National Sandwich day, we celebrate this staple of fast food cuisine; for its versatility, for the ease of which it can be transported and consumed at any chosen location and the infinite possibilities regarding fillings.

As a nod to the sandwich, we have compiled this indulgent list of recipes provided by some of the best chefs on British soil 🥪🙌

BBC Good Food's egg in the hole bacon sandwich

Pure genius. If you can master this sandwich, then you have mastered life.

Nathan Outlaws' crab sandwich with lemon and garlic mayonnaise

Soft, creamy, with a hint of the ocean. This is taking something ordinary to make it extraordinary.

Jamie Oliver's next-level steak and onion sandwich

You said it, Jamie. This is 'next-level'. Everything from the bread to the fact that it has steak in it serves to justify the status.

Joe Wicks’ fish finger sandwich recipe

Fish finger sandwiches; how can something so simple taste so heavenly? Sandwiches are an enigma we will never truly understand.

BBC Good Food's beetroot, hummus and crispy chickpea sub sandwich

This vegan recipe is a good example of sandwich inclusivity. It doesn't matter what your preferences are, or what your dietary requirements are; there is a sandwich out there for you, possibly even two.

Rachel Ray's grilled aubergine and mozzarella sandwich

This sandwich is begging to be grilled and once it has, and the cheese has melted into the veggies and the bread has turned to a golden crisp; then it will become the stuff of food legend.

BBC Good Food's brie, ham and fig jam toastie

For the fig lovers out there; why not try combining with the classic cheese and ham combo?

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