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6 Facts About Walking You Probably Didn't Know About

6 Facts About Walking You Probably Didn't Know About

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May is National Walking Month, and the activity is something we all have in common. We do it without a second thought. But I bet you didn't know that fish were the first ones to do it or how much walking it takes to burn off an M&M? there's much to learn about the simple activity of putting one foot in front of the other. 

1. Walking is also known as ambulation. 

The word “walk” comes from the Old English wealcan, or “to roll.” I totally roll to work people.

2. Studies report that a man's walk can indicate his sexual orientation. 

For instance, when a gay man walks, he'll often sway his hips slightly.

3. Many scientists think that walking originated underwater by “hopping” air-breathing fish.

Ariel should've been content under the sea where fish walk too - apparently!

4. To burn off just one M&M, a person would need to walk the length of a football field!

Maybe having that entire bag of mini-eggs wasn't such a good idea.

5. The majority of babies start walking at 13 months, though some start at just 9 or 10 and as late as 15 or 16 months.

Hmm, maybe early walkers indicate whether your child will be athletic in later life, who knows!

6. In the 1970's, 66% of children walked to school. At present, it's just 13%.

Is it really so surprising that more kids are obese these days?

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