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6 Things You Can Do To Instantly Improve Your Well-being

6 Things You Can Do To Instantly Improve Your Well-being

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With today's society being busier, more stressed and more overworked than it has ever been, it is easy to slip into the mentality that we're not really in control of our mental well-being or the direction in which our life unfolds. However, there are so many ways in which you can take the wheel of your psychological health, and move it towards the better. 🏃

Stay active

An active lifestyle is an integral element of thriving mental health. Reports indicate that those that spend 40 minutes walking during the week have significantly higher cognitive abilities, than those that spend less.


Finding purpose, and caring about things that extend beyond ourselves and our own lives is guaranteed to bring you true happiness. There are few things greater and more satisfying in this life than loving and caring for others and being loved and cared for in return.

Keep educating yourself

You are never to old to educate yourself on the subjects you're interested in. So you've always wanted to learn French? Get enrolled in some local language lessons! Have a knack for drawing but have neglected the skill? Walk on down to the nearest art class in your city/town!

Follow your passions

Society may tell you that success is becoming a Doctor, a Lawyer or an Engineer, but success is not so black-and-white. How can you be successful, or have 'made it' if what you do doesn't bring you excitement or a greater zest for life? Love what you do and do what you love for guaranteed contentment.

Don't compare yourself to others

Yes, maybe Claire at work has a shiny new engagement ring, because she's engaged, and you're not, but you need to step back and see things for the way they are. Claire got lucky and was fortunate to meet Darren in her first year of uni in her dorm. You, on the other hand, lived with a flat of girls throughout uni. There's nothing wrong with you, just trust the timing of your life.

Take some time for yourself

It's not selfish to want a whole day to yourself watching re-runs of friends, painting your nails, doing your hair and taking a bath. Introverts and even mild extroverts sometimes need some time to re-charge.

Talk to friends

Having a support network, that you're constantly in touch with, does incredible things for your mental well-being. Not only does it naturally make you happy and feel connected, but it makes you feel loved and significant.

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