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6 Reasons you Need to Switch to a Shampoo Bar Today

6 Reasons you Need to Switch to a Shampoo Bar Today

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Switching to a shampoo bar is not only a great way of helping out the environment, it can also have a huge impact on the condition of your hair and also save you some money...Sounds too good to be true hey?

Cut Down on Plastic

Before we get into the benefits that using shampoo bars has for your hair, let's talk about what it does for the environment. According to recent studies, a huge 91% of plastic is not recycled and 79% of plastic is thrown away into landfill or the natural environment meaning a great deal of it ends up in our oceans.

How often do you replace your current shampoo and conditioner? The average answer for small bottles is around once monthly so just by investing in a shampoo bar rather than a bottles product, you have already made an impact on your plastic footprint.

Fresher For Longer

This first things I noticed about my hair after trying out my shampoo bar for the first time was how it left my hair smelling amazing. The scent seemed to stick around much longer than my normal bottled shampoo. After I had gotten over the gorgeous aroma that seemed to be following me around, the next thing that I really noticed was that my hair seemed to stay fresher for much longer.

I have extremely fine hair which means I often find myself washing my hair most days to avoid it looking and feeling greasy. While lots of shampoo and conditioners say that they can be used daily, it is generally not that good for your hair to wash it every day as you can end up washing out all of the 'good oils' your hair needs to stay healthy. Switching to a shampoo bar with natural ingredients has meant I can go a day in between washes without feeling like my hair is greasy or dirty between washes.

Better Condition

Although having fine hair does have it's perks like super quick drying time and styling, it does mean that it gets damaged easily and grows very slowly. Since swapping from bottled shampoo to a shampoo bar the improved condition of my hair has definitely been noticeable. The first shampoo bar I tried out contained ingredients to help stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth, which was exactly what I was looking for. Like with regular shampoo it is definitely worth spending some time making sure that the ingredients match what your hair needs.

Longer Lasting

After purchasing and falling in love with my first shampoo bar, I was still using it 9 months later. One of the things that put me off trying a shampoo bar initially was the slightly more expensive cost, however, after doing the maths I worked out that, what I thought was a pricey £6.50 worked out as about tiny 70p a month which is noticeably less than my previous minimum 0f around £3.00 on a bottled shampoo.

As I have very fine hair this may vary if you have thicker hair but a good quality shampoo bar really does last. There are so many different brands of shampoo bar some more expensive then others, but we really recommend going for a trusted brand and doing your research to make sure the ingredients are five-star and you are getting the best value for your money.

Easy to Use

Switching to a shampoo bar could not have been easier! Unlike other routine changes, swapping to using a shampoo bar only made my daily routine easier. Simply rub the bar in your hands a few times like you would a bar of soap and you are all set to start shampooing as normal.

Because the shampoo is already lathered up in your hands, it is actually better for your hair then wacking on a big blob of liquid shampoo and tangling through your hair trying to foam up the liquid as this can leads to pulling out strands of hair. Instead, you can gently massage the foam from the bar through your hair and into your scalp to promote healthy hair growth. It also means you tend to only use what you need and saves wasting any expensive products.

Travel Size

If you are heading off on holiday or have to travel around for work or fun, switching to a shampoo bar could be the answer to all your leaky shampoo and liquid allowance problems. They are perfect for anyone travelling abroad as they can just be popped in your case and not counted as a liquid. Also, because they are solid they cannot leak out into your bag and ruin all of your calculated packing. Investing in a little tin to keep them while you're travelling means they are safe and sound till you need them.

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