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6 Little Things That Will Help You Stay Motivated

6 Little Things That Will Help You Stay Motivated

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Need a few ideas of pick-me-ups? We've got you sorted.



The one's that have daily affirmation quotes especially are amazing for giving you that much-needed boost.


Old Necklace

Perhaps you have a necklace at home that you got on your 16th birthday, or a silver bracelet that belonged to your great-gran. Having something pretty to wear that has significant meaning attached to it will give you a feeling of warmth when you're feeling a little low.

Interesting Pens

Nice Pen

We use them so much, so why not get one that's pretty? You can be productive, in style.


Boss Mug

Ditto. When don't you have tea? Get a cute little mug for your brews that will make being at work a little more of a joy!

Nice Coffee/Tea

Amazing coffee

Why cut costs with one of the things you consume the most? If you're gonna have hot drinks a lot, then you've gotta do it right. Ditch the Tetley and opt for the more tasty Twinings or that organic tea you've been eyeing. Same goes for coffee.

Painted Nails

Painted nails

How often do you look at your hands? Probably ALOT. For your own pleasure, paint your nails a pretty shade that makes you want to type away at your laptop a little bit longer.

Photos of loved ones

Photo of loved ones

Having a photo of your mum/dad/significant other smiling up at you will never fail to make you feel loved. And indeed, happy workers are more productive!

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