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6 Benefits of Commuting by Bicycle

6 Benefits of Commuting by Bicycle

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The daily commute to and from work can become a massive factor in the 'grind' aspect of a working week. Either sat in rush hour traffic, waiting for trains that are delayed, or sitting on a crowded bus; the struggle is real when it comes to commuting.

If, however, you are in a fortunate position of being able to cycle to work, then a commute can become something of a revelation. The benefits are many when it comes to cycling and when it becomes your daily mode of transport in and out of work, then the rewards are even sweeter.

Here are six reasons why cycling to work is the way forward.


Staying active is essential for our health, however lots of us lead increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Committing to the gym, or a fitness class, is all well and good but if you're sat down for a large proportion of the day, it's not enough. Cycling on a daily basis is a fantastic way of incorporating regular exercise into your life, minimising the need to find the time and motivation to do it. Once you have decided that you commute by bike, that's what you have to do each morning in order to get to work on time, leaving little room for excuses.


If you work in an office, then the chances are that you are sitting at a desk for the majority of the day, staring at a computer screen. This can be damaging to mental wellbeing, as it very unnatural for our bodies and brains. Ensuring that you have already had some exercise before you even get to your desk each morning will improve all areas of your wellbeing.


If you care about the environmental impact you have on the world around you, then cycling is one way to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. It is one feasible solution to our increasingly congested and polluted cities. Try to find routes that keep you off the main roads, even if by law you are allowed to be on the road, it doesn't always make it safe.


Whichever mode of transport takes you into work, the chances are it makes a dent in your wallet each week. Train fares, petrol and parking all come at a cost, so cycling could save you a significant amount. Try and work out what you're saving, so as to be able to put it towards something like a summer holiday, or a spa treatment.

Fresh air

While air quality does vary from place to place, with cities being notorious for pollution, it is still good to get outside. Your lung capacity is increased through cycling and inhaling fresh air helps to clear the mind and reduce stress. It's a great way to combat being sat in an office breathing stale air all day.

Less stress

Riding a bike means that once you've finished work you are free to set off, without having to wait for buses or trains. While you may well encounter some of the same traffic jams as you would in a car, where there are cycle paths available it's much less of a problem. You also reach either work, or home, with a sense of satisfaction having achieved something; not to mention the fact that cycling in itself is also great for reducing stress.

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