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5 Wellbeing Apps For Mental Health

5 Wellbeing Apps For Mental Health

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Apps have become an extension of our very existence, having infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives. They are used for everything from birth control to beauty rituals.

But, how about our mental health? While people's social media accounts project a picture of perfection, the rising level of mental health problems tells a very different story. Many of us are one Snapchat away from a mental breakdown. We just don't give ourselves a break!

Increased exposure to other people's carefully edited lifestyles can cause us to subliminally pile unrealistic expectations onto ourselves. We function in constant flux mode and then wonder why our health deteriorates, or we cannot sleep properly and feel generally rundown.

We need to prioritise recharging our brains using effective methods more, instead of only recharging our phones for more frantic online "socialising".

These apps have been specially, and beautifully, designed to equip you with the tools to harness your inner strength and live more contentedly.


Voted Apple app of the year 2017, Calm is a popular choice for those attempting to achieve just that. It's a beautifully designed piece of software that helps users to cultivate an effective meditation practice and to improve their sleep. These are two powerful contributors to manifesting inner peace and often become neglected with busy lives to lead. This app effectively motivates the user to meditate on a daily basis and to engage with materials designed specifically for profound relaxation.


Adult coloring books have become hugely popular recently, with people realising how effective this simple activity is at calming and focusing the mind. This app uses exactly the same principle and is just in electronic format, so you are able access this tool wherever you are.

Creating pieces of art and working with colour and patterns in this way is an incredibly satisfying way to achieve a meditative state and boost your mood. You are then able to share your digital paintings on social media.

Super Better

This app uses gaming theory to help users improve their mental situation. It was invented by a woman who suffered complications due to concussion and was rendered bed bound with extreme anxiety and depression. With 10 years experience as a game designer, Jane Mcgonigal adapted the way in which games are designed to trigger emotions and reactions in people's brain activate positive responses. People who play the game will experience a strengthening of the neural passageways connected to feelings of optimism and success. Through building a sense of resilience in a virtual world, the same tools can then be applied to the real world.

Watch this motivational TED Talks from the founder of Super Better.

Happy Not Perfect

This app provides a much needed antidote to today's technology, progress tracking and perfectionist society. Using scientifically backed methods to help you to refresh your mindset, you are encouraged to engage with daily rituals that benefit your mental health.

It provides users with a daily dose of fresh perspectives that work to change your outlook into a more positive one. You are taken through breathing techniques, asked to submit entries into a gratitude diary and given small games to complete which are all proven to help reduce stress and take command of your mind.


All evidence based and with a strong scientific foundation, Headspace brings the ancient art of meditation to the modern day person, using the convenience of app technology. It provides a vast library of guided meditations that are tailored to suit all walks of life and levels of experience.

Meditation is at the heart of all of the most profound self-improvement methods, no matter how it may be dressed up. Headspace is utilising this wisdom and aiming to make it fact by conducting extensive scientific research on the subject. By downloading the app you are effectively furthering the research, whilst equipping yourself with a practical tool for meditation.

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