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5 Ways You Can Support Animal Charities

5 Ways You Can Support Animal Charities

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Everybody loves wildlife. Sadly, however, the planet’s birds and animals are having a tough time of it right now what with habitat destruction, climate change, and mass extinction events. Luckily, there are loads of amazing charities out there working with and for animals. They care for those in need, fight for those which are threatened, and preserve those which are on the brink of extinction. How can you best support these charities in their good work?

Choose wisely

We hate to say it, but not all charities are made equal. Recent scandals have revealed that some charities are not as scrupulous as they seem. To be sure that the charity you’re considering supporting is as legit as it sounds, checking that it’s registeredwith the charities commission is a good start. Following on from that, peruse the internet for reports, reviews, and feedback which indicate that they really are doing the job they say they are.


Money makes the world go round, and that’s as true with charity work as with anything else. For charities to keep pouring people, resources, training, research, and so on into their field, they need funds. Many charities these days will try to persuade you to set up a monthly standing order, but there are usually ways to make one-off donations easily if you’re not the standing order type.


Time and skills are often just as valuable as money. If you’ve got skills (or even just time and goodwill!) to share with a charity, they’re bound to appreciate it. Get in touch with them to see if any volunteer opportunities are available. Even something as simple as handing out leaflets or minding their social media page for a day can make a difference.


Charities often rely upon organic reach to get their message across - particularly if they can’t afford to do massive promotions across social and conventional media. Sharing a campaign post (or even just giving your favourite charity a quick mention on your social media pages) takes seconds, but it helps massively in getting your cause’s voice heard.


The more awareness an issue gets, the more people will flock to its cause. Campaigning for animal and environmental rights and welfare will help to raise the profile of the issues you care about, which will in turn generate more interest in charities working in that field. Plus, if you target the corridors of power, you may persuade the government to either take direct action or to support those charities which are. It might be a long process, but it’s worth it if it works. Go on marches, sign petitions, post on social media, write to your MP, write to the newspapers – whatever method of campaigning works best for you, go for it.

We can’t all go out and rescue turtles from six-pack rings, but supporting those who can is just as important. If it weren’t for people at home backing donating, sharing, campaigning, and volunteering, animal charities wouldn’t be able to do what they do. So what are you waiting for?

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