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5 Easy Ways to Fit Some Exercise in Every day

5 Easy Ways to Fit Some Exercise in Every day

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Everybody knows that exercise is part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle. But why?

Scientists, like David Sinclair of the Harvard Medical School, believe that it may be down to the ability of exercise to boost our cell’s detox and repair mechanisms. Research shows that when we engage in physical activity, we create a kind of good stress which provokes our cells to focus more on repair and maintenance, improving our overall health.

As most of us know, getting enough exercise can be a challenge. But even small changes in your activity levels can have a profound impact on your wellbeing. So what are some creative ways of incorporating the exercise you need into your everyday life? Here are some ideas.

Park At A Distance From Your Place Of Work

At no point in our evolutionary history did human beings sit on their journey to work, and then sit down all day while doing work. People were active from the moment it got light to the time the sun went down, underscoring just how much our lives now deviate from that primal norm. Ideally, you want to avoid sitting in your car on the way to work and then sitting all day in the office. Parking at a distance from your place of work can, therefore, be a great way to get a little exercise every day, without dramatically changing your routine.

Avoid Lifts

All buildings need stairwell access to the upper floors by law. That means that no matter where you work, you can avoid the lifts and take the stairs instead.

If you’re lucky enough to work on the 20th floor, you’ll find that getting there via the steps is a workout in and of itself: no gym membership required.

Exercise While Working

Doing exercise while working might seem like a bit of a long shot, but many modern workplaces give employees the option of using a standing desk. With a standing desk, you can stand (obviously), but you can also do a range of other movements to get the blood flowing and simulating a more primal environment.

Walk Around While On The Phone

Okay, so sometimes doing squats at your standing desk might not be a practical way to get more movement, but nothing is preventing you from taking a stroll while on the phone. Moving around while taking calls is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Go On Walking Meetings

With the rise of walking meetings, it won’t be long before old-fashioned meetings, where everyone gathers in a room, will be a thing of the past. Walking meetings not only provide an

opportunity for natural, healthy exercise, but they also enhance concentration and wellbeing, helping to get more done in a shorter space of time.

Use A Kettlebell While Watching TV

If you’re like most people, you want to unwind in front of the TV after a busy day. Swinging a kettlebell is an easy way to get the activity you need while enjoying some evening entertainment at the same time.

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