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4 Veggie Burgers That Are Certified Delicious

4 Veggie Burgers That Are Certified Delicious

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Burgers are no longer exclusively greasy, meaty, white bread sandwiches; they have adapted in a world where people want healthy and nutritious, without compromising on taste and meal satisfaction.

Veggie alternatives for the burger throws open endless possibilities for fresh and exciting flavour combinations. Check out these four recipes, that are certified delicious 🙌🌿

Beetroot veggie burgers with halloumi and sweet potato salad

Juicy and vibrant; this beetroot burger recipe, along with the salad, will check off most of your daily requirements for vitamins and minerals in one delicious serving. Five stars for flavour too!

Cheddar cauliflower burger

The recipe for these succulent patties was created by a meat eater who wanted to make a veggie alternative that was worth eating and not made with (in her words) "processed soy weird unpronounceable ingredients lists". We concur, and we absolutely love this cauliflower contribution to the veggie burger recipes hall of fame.

Mushroom burger

As the creator of this recipe boldly states, these might just be "the best" veggie burgers going. You'll only know when you try them for yourself.

Sweet potato burgers recipe

Anything that means us eating more of these nutritious, orange beauties is welcome. In burger form sounds good to us! The crispy outer coating creates a really satisfying texture too.

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