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5 Things Only Horse People Know

5 Things Only Horse People Know

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Being a horse owner requires grit, consistency and a guy/girl that just ain't afraid of getting stuck in the mud! For all the other horsey folk out there, owner or admirer, let's just take a moment to bond over, or just think about, the equine life that we just can't seem to stay away from.

1. Out of control = fun fun fun!

Aha, well, maybe not always. But a thrilling ride that has the wind messing up our hair, gets our adrenaline pumping and hearts beating is never something we'll regret (unless we break an arm of course!).

2. It's hard work

We horse people tend to wake up ridiculously early to muck out our horse's stable, groom them, feed them and move them into the field (and that's just in the morning - we've got an evening chore list too!).

3. Horse poop is totally normal

In the 'horse world', picking up horse dung is the equivalent of mowing the lawn, no biggy, it doesn't even smell that bad.

4. Dirt is okay

Dirty jodhpurs are the sign of a productive day! - In our opinion.

5. Your horse loves you

Yeah, they may nip you, kick you and step on your toes with their heavy hooves - but we know that they loves us. They love us so much that after spending hours hosing, brushing and polishing their coats so that they shine like new pennies, they thank us by finding the wettest, muddiest corner of the paddock, and, you know, just rolling around in it so that they blend right back in with their surroundings. Fabulous.

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