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5 Super Fun 30th Birthday Ideas

5 Super Fun 30th Birthday Ideas

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So you're turning 30 soon? Happy Birthday from us in advance! We know that the beginning of a new decade might seem somewhat ominous to you, but there are so many reasons to be glad about it. It can be thought of a fresh new slate and chapter in your life, in which wonderful new memories and stories can be written. It's a decade in which you'll continue to grow, emotionally, spiritually and professionally, and love new people, discover new passions and explore new places. 

Exciting, right? 

So, it's only fitting that you begin this new era with a bang, and here are just a few ways in which you can do exactly that. 🎉

Music or Concert Festival

Music festival

Is there a music festival that you have always wanted to check out or a favourite band on tour? There isn't more of an ideal occasion to do this than on your 30th birthday. Including drinks, food, entertainment and a crowd that's simple oozing with energy and great vibes, music festivals are excellent locations for birthday celebrations.

You can browse the website, Festheads, to locate a music festival that suit your music and style tastes the best.

Go on a Vacation


Book some time off at work and make plans for an incredible 30th birthday holiday to a destination that you have always been keen on visiting. The trip can be made more interesting if you travel by boat or by train. Make sure to take a few good friends along with you for company.

Take a Cooking Class


Perhaps with a group of friends, take a cooking class. You will learn how to cook a few new dishes, and in the meantime, make friends with fellow food-lovers, and eat amazing food with great people. Could you ask for anything more?

Go Paint-Balling


Whether you are merely looking to have a laugh with some friends or vent your frustration, an intense paintball round will most certainly do the trick! Get some of your sportiest pals together to visit a paintball arena in your area for fun-filled 30th.

Get a Massage


With your 30th being situated amidst a time in your life in which you are likely to be juggling the pressures of your career, family and romantic life; the benefits of massages could be just what you need. These include: anxiety, stress and muscle tension relief.

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