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5 Smoothie Recipes To Start The Day Right

5 Smoothie Recipes To Start The Day Right

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Smoothies are an amazing way of getting more vegetables and fruit into your diet. They also taste amazing and are very filling. Here are some of the greatest mixes:

1. Mango, banana and coconut smoothie

This smoothie uses a mix of frozen and fresh fruit, which is incredibly handy when foods go out of season or when your fruit bowl appears just a little empty.

Shredded coconut can also be added for additional flavour.

Get the recipe for mango, banana and coconut smoothie from Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen.

2. Pom-berry pear juice

This smoothie is blended from pomegranate, raw beetroot, lime and blueberries.

It's fruity, bursting with flavour and incredibly healthy!

Get the recipe for pom-berry pear juice from Food to Glow.

3. Orange and apple breakfast juice

Orange and apple

This juice is ideal for having in the morning. Juices that are similar can be found in the shops, though they're not fresh and frequently have added preservatives.

Carrots, apples and oranges is all that's included in this powerful start to the day.

Get the recipe for orange and apple breakfast juice from Simply Food.

4. Green apple smoothie with avocado and lime

Green apple smoothie

At the moment, it's the trend to serve smoothies thickly in a bowl with additional nuts, seeds and dried fruit toppings. Of course, many people still prefer to drink their smoothies, though why not give this a try and see if you can enjoy having smoothies like this?

For additional benefits to your health, there is ginger, hidden spinach and celery in this green smoothie.

Get the recipe for green apple smoothie with avocado and lime from Smarter Fitter.

5. Apple and kale green smoothie

Ever thought about throwing kale into smoothies? It’s incredibly healthy and not overpowering so the alternative flavours shine.

This smoothie is made out of cucumber, apples, banana, kale and some protein powder.

Get the recipe for apple and kale green smoothie from Tinned Tomatoes.

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