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5 Signs That Suggest It's Time To Move On From Your Current Job

5 Signs That Suggest It's Time To Move On From Your Current Job

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You probably have a feeling in your gut that is telling you how you feel about your current position. Is the feeling one of affection, or one of dread? If you can answer that question then, chances are, you already know what it is that you need to do. Here's a few clear indicators that a job is not right for you though, if you're still feeling a sense of reluctance.

1. Your work makes you unhappy.

This is probably one of the most obvious - the most blatant indicator that you need a change of path is the way you feel towards the work you're doing each and every day. Most of the time, do you feel depressed, miserable, unmotivated and uninspired? Don't be in denial about the way you feel. They direct you to a very true situation that needs to be swiftly resolved. Don't ever forget that you do not have to be unhappy or shun your self-hood to be properly employed.

2. You have a toxic work environment.

While the tasks and nature of the work you do every day is significant, your joy and success in a job is hugely sculpted by an array of different factors, including, your colleagues, boss, the organisation's attitude and treatment of it's human resources, and the company's desired outcome.

3. The skill-set that you've been hired to use isn't what you're good at or enjoy.

On many occasions, people do not realise that the skills that you have acquired or possess are not the same as the natural talents and abilities that you enjoy using every day. Whilst you may be amazing a calculating on spreadsheets, you might detest doing it.

4. Deep down you feel like you're destined for bigger, better, and more exciting opportunities. 

Maybe you've had an awful, nagging feeling that you were made for much greater things than what you're currently doing. A substantial amount of people, particularly women, feel a little embarrassed and ashamed to admit that, truly, the perceive that they have been created for more amazing things than whatever it is that they do. Don't ignore these feelings - they're sweeping you in the direction of a path that will bring more rewards, happiness, pleasure and fulfilment into your life.

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