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5 Signs Of Summer To Look Out For.

5 Signs Of Summer To Look Out For.

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Summer is slowly creeping up on us, but how exactly is the season telling us this? Mother nature gives us various clues to show us that the next phase of the year is on it's way. Here are a few of them!

Fledglings learning to fly

It is this time of year that baby birds are starting to say goodbye to their nests. Many of them spend a few days on the ground before they are ready to set soaring. Ever noticed baby seagulls walking around looking a little bit lost and helpless? Often, people assume that they've fallen from their nests and then attempt to rescue them. You don't need to do this. It's very likely that the mother bird is watching close by. If it's in a dangerous area however, like a manic road or path then you can move it not too far away to a safer location. Just ensure that it's within hearing distance of it's parents.

Summer flowers blossoming

Spring flowers including bluebells are swiftly fading, and are quickly getting taken over by summer blossoms. Keep an eye out for foxgloves, poppies, honeysuckle and common spotted orchids along hedgerows and in woodlands. Since honeysuckle is particularly fragrant, moths, bees and butterflies enjoy feasting on it's nectar.

Stag beetles hanging around

The gigantic, black creatures measure 30-75cmm long which is larger than certain bats. Although the male appears as though it has giant antlers on it's head, these are actually jaws! Prior to leaving their nests to breed at the start of June, Stag beetles spend about seven years under the earth as larvae.

Butterflies fluttering around

Gardens and woodlands are brought to life with colourful and intricate butterflies gracing fields, gardens and lakes. You can gain even more of these delightful insects by rustling up a tasty concoction

"Add ¼ cup of sugar to 2 cups of water and heat it up in a saucepan until the sugar has dissolved. (Get an adult to help you.) Leave it to cool, then soak a brightly-coloured sponge in the mixture and put the soggy sponge on a plate near some flowers."

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