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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Yoga

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Yoga

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Do you think that the ancient practice has gained fame by chance? Yoga offers a complete mind-body experience that contributes to both your mental and physical growth. The endless options it offers also makes it one of the most simple and flexible ways of maintaining fitness.

1. Yoga is amazing for stress relief.

Feeling somewhat uptight? Head on over to the closest yoga studio you can find. Research is indicative that practising it can minimise stress levels and lower blood pressure. Practising Yoga might also reduce the symptoms of the more serious mental health issues, such as anxiety.

2. It provides an excellent workout

Okay, so Yoga doesn't exactly give the impression that makes the heart race, but in all seriousness, Yoga is one of the greatest ways to get fitter. Research suggests that yoga is one of the healthiest ways of losing weight, especially for the middle-age generation.

3. It's an amazing method of strength training.

Did you know that Yoga engages a lot of your muscle groups - all the way from you core through to your arms? It's an ideal method of swapping weights now and then for something a little more exciting.

4. It sharpens the mind.

Exercise is one of the most natural ways of sharpening your memory. In particularly, Yoga can help with the boosting of brain function and improve reaction time after your workout, according to Runner's World.

5. Yoga can subdue pain.

Back pain, knee pain, neck pain, you get the gist. Harvard Medical School suggest that practising Yoga can help relieve chronic pain. Try out these few yoga the next time your body is asking for some relief.

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