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5 Reasons To Love Tom Hardy

5 Reasons To Love Tom Hardy

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1. He Is Just Damn Right Gorgeous

Lets go straight to pointing out the obvious, Tom Hardy is one of the most handsome men on the planet. No matter what look he is sporting, or what character he is portraying he is simply beautiful.

2. He Loves Dogs

Last year Hardy's adopted, stray dog Woodstock past away. Hardy wrote and emotion post with the words "He was an angel. And he was my best friend." He frequently posts picture of the handsome boy showing that he will never forget his best pal.

3. His Sense Of Humour

Hardy's Instagram bio reads: "Tom Hardy Face Puller" and generally that description is spot on. Being able to laugh at yourself and a lack of seriousness is an extremely attractive quality and no one does this better then Hardy.

4. He Is Not All Jokes And Silliness

Hardy is publicly open and honest about his previous struggles with alcoholism and drug abuse. His directness on the subject makes him an exceptional role model for young people struggling with the same difficulties.

5. He Is A Proud Daddy

Many people do not know that Tom Hardy is a dad. Unlike many stars in the public eye, Hardy generally keeps these elements his personal life, personal. And although we would love to know every inch and detail about the goings on of Hardy's life beyond the film sets, this privacy can be seen as quite refreshing.

6. His Ability To Constantly Amaze Us

No role is too difficult for Tom Hardy. Even when playing twins, Hardy Managed to convince the viewers that he is two completely different people. He has acted everything from Super hero films and Rom-Coms, to crime and dark Thrillers and he seems to nail every single role!

7. He is Fluent in French

Need I say more...

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