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5 Rare Animal Species In The UK

5 Rare Animal Species In The UK

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The rolling hills of our beautiful English countryside holds many a secret in her green, earthy depths. Some of which are these rare species that live in tiny numbers, hidden from view, apart from rare sightings.

Red squirrels

While we are used to seeing an abundance of grey squirrels, their native cousin, the red squirrel is far more elusive. Small populations do exist however, in the North East of England, Wales and Scotland.

White barn owl

Credit: Terry Bagely

These feathered "ghosts" of the night skies are white because of a condition known as leucism, which means they lack pigment in their feathers.

Wild boars

These cuties used to be commonplace in the UK, however due to over hunting they became officially extinct 400 years ago. They have now been reintroduced back into the wild and are a rare sighting in our English countryside.

Hoopoe bird

These exotic looking birds don't actually breed in the UK, but have gone on a bit of a detour on their migration north, from Africa to Europe.

Black fox

Also known as the silver fox, as their coats can develop a lot of white hairs, black foxes are something of a mythological creature. They are actually a melanistic version of the red fox, which carry a rare recessive gene.

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