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5 Of The Wealthiest, Most Successful Self-Made Women

5 Of The Wealthiest, Most Successful Self-Made Women

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In an article by Forbes last year, the most successful self-made women that had been established included a transgender woman of whom had climbed into the ranks after an absence of a year and around five newcomers. The total worth of the billionaires that they have listed is a record $61.5 billion, and they share a passion for their products and the ways in which they can help customers.

No. 1 - Co-founder of Little Caesars Pizza, Marian Ilitch.

The fortune of Ilitch grew by over $3 billion since 2016. To a great extent, this is due to her husband, Mike, with whom she began and ran the business alongside for many decades, passing away in February 17. So in addition to her personal holdings in the Detroit Red Wings hockey team and MotorCity Casino Hotel, Forbes credits her with the part of Little Caesars that Mike owned.

No. 2 and 3 - Influential Figures, Oprah Winfrey and Sheryl Sandberg.

Both figures are effectively influencing culture and politics. Whilst Oprah had gone back to reporting as a special contributor to 60 Minutes, Sandberg has been actively speaking up against gender pay gaps and condemning President Trump's travel ban and measures on anti-abortion. According to Forbes, in a Facebook post that honour's April's Equal Pay Day, she states, "When women are paid less than men, it doesn’t just hurt women. It hurts our families, our businesses and our communities.”

No. 4 - Jewellery Company Founder, Kendra Scott.

Worth $500 million, Kendra Scott is known for brand that produces earrings, necklaces and bracelets that you can customise. After an equity investment that she made in private, that valued the company at more than $1 billion; Scott's worth is a whopping $500 million.

No.5 - California Baby Founder, Jessica Iclisoy.

Iclisoy has a net worth of $260 million. She launched California Baby in 1995 and now it sellf $80 million worth of nontoxic and natural baby care products at shops including Target and Wholefoods.

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