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5 Little Positivity Boosters

5 Little Positivity Boosters

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Sometimes it's the smallest changes that have the biggest impact in your life. Be a force for positive change with these small, yet powerful, actions that you can start doing today.

Mirror talk

Look in the mirror and actually say aloud to yourself "you are beautiful" or any other words of encouragement and self love that you connects with your heart.

Yes, it may feel cringe to begin with, but it's also incredible just how empowering it is and how much it impacts on your sense of self worth.


There are literally thousands upon thousands of quotes to inspire, provide perspective and motivate you to be the best version of yourself.

Find specific quotes for various areas of your life (such as career, the gym and relationships); then place them strategically to keep your mental focus on track and boost feelings of positivity.

Sticky notes

Write personalised reminders of things that you want to achieve and positive affirmations onto sticky notes and dot them around the house.

This works on two levels. One; writing down a goal cements the intention and increases your chances of realising it, and two; constant visual reminders to do positive things is guaranteed to bring about positive change in your life.

Negativity filter

Keep your negativity filter on and remember to clean it regularly to ensure optimal functioning. The world is full of depressing, disturbing, downright disgusting news and images.

We need to strike a balance between being aware of what is going on around us and bringing ourselves down unnecessarily. Sometimes it's worth remembering that you feeling sad, or angry, about a situation doesn't actually help anything.

Filter out the negativity and surround yourself with positivity instead.

Nurse nature

When in doubt seek out nature to hold you gently in her arms and sooth away the stress. Immersing yourself in a natural environment will have the immediate effect of releasing endorphins in the body and refreshing your perspective on things.

We all have access to some kind of nature if we make the effort, even if it is the city park, so get out there and embrace the positivity that is all around us in the form of the natural world.

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