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5 Interesting Ways To Spend Your Saturday Night At Home

5 Interesting Ways To Spend Your Saturday Night At Home

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Got that friday feeling? We certainly do. Obviously, the conventional idea of an exciting friday or saturday night is to go partying, go to a bar or some other form of nightlife, but a night on-the-town is not what alot of people have in mind. After a busy week of striving to perform your best in the workplace, an "exciting" night can often look like a night curled up on the sofa! If you’re struggling for ideas on what chilled things you can do this weekend, here are a few of ours!

1. Journal.

Having time to yourself is an excellent opportunity for delving into your inner most thoughts, for self discovery, away from all of the stresses and pressure's of life.

2. Call a friend or family member you haven't spoken to in a while.

With a culture so set on being constantly on-the-go, it can be so easy to neglect checking up on some of our nearest and dearest. If you've got nothing on your schedule tomorrow evening, then sit back, pick up the phone, and catch up with the people you care about. 

3. Do some colouring!

Believe it or not, or perhaps you already know, but colouring is so in right now, for toddlers and grown-ups alike. Start doing it and you'll remember how soothing it can be. It can also help with concentration. Crayola's are the one.

4. Catch up on your reading.

After a long and busy week, opening up a book might be one of the last things you feel like doing. But never forget, readers are leaders. Using spare time effectively by using it to learn or read compelling novels will turn you into an all-round general knowledge or literary whiz! So put the kettle on and get to reading that Brontë novel.

5. Pamper yourself.

Luxuriate in a relaxing bath. Stir up a quarter cup of baking soda, a cup of Epsom salt, a cup of powdered milk, a quarter cup of lavender flowers; and 4 drops of lavender essential oil. Put a quarter cup of this mixture into a tub filled with hot water and keep the rest in an airtight container.

Look after your nails. It's easy to forget that we have toenails, but we have them, so get clipping.

Get creative with dinner. When we're in a routine, it's easy to get into the habit of making the same old meals time after time. Instead of reaching for the pasta, why not check out a delicious looking recipe online? Buy the ingredients, put your chef hat on, and whisk up something delightful.

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