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5 Healthy Spring Recipes

5 Healthy Spring Recipes

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Mix-up your cooking routines this Spring with some exciting and delicious new recipes. The seasonal dishes include plenty of fresh produce, healthy proteins and substantial whole-grains. Here are few that we've tried, and recommend you buy.

1.Chargrilled vegetable tacos with smoky salsa

Chargrilled vegetable taco

For a healthy weekend lunch, why not make some vegan tacos with a smoky-sweet salsa. A tasty way to pack in your 5-a-day. 

2. Pea & broad bean shakshuka

The classic brunch shakshuka dish works great as a sharing meal when you add seasonal veg including asparagus, peas and broad beans.

3. Spinach dhal with harissa yogurt

Spinach dhal with harissa

Combine yogurt, almonds, spinach, harissa and almonds with a basic lentils recipe to make a delicious spinach dhal. Just brimming with nutrients, it's exceptionally healthy.

4. Sesame salmon, purple sprouting broccoli & sweet potato mash

Salmon and brocolli

This dish is Asian-inspired and tastes amazing with a nutty sesame dressing, delicious sweet potato mash and crisp veg. It's low-calorie, rich in omega-3 and super healthy

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