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5 Habits To Get Into To Keep Your Mouth Healthy And Fresh

5 Habits To Get Into To Keep Your Mouth Healthy And Fresh

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There are few things worse than having a conversation with someone that you know just hadn't bothered to brush their teeth that morning, or ate something during the day that helped them very little in maintaining a minty fresh mouth. Do you want to be that someone? We doubt you do. To prevent yourself from being that person that people would rather have a conversation with stood 1 metre apart, min., then think about whether you are keeping the following the habits. Prevention is far better than cure!

1. Do you floss enough?


You should floss twice a day, every day.

2. Do you avoid sugary drinks?

Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks especially lead to tooth decay.

3. Can you swap sugar for alternatives in you diet?


Honey instead of sugar in your tea is a great example.

4. Do you use mouthwash?


It's brilliant for freshening your breath. You can get mini-sized ones too to keep with you on-the-go!

5. How long do you brush for?


2 minutes is the recommended length of time for brushing your teeth. A quick scrub may seem more convenient, but it's detrimental in the long run!

6. Do you visit your dentist regularly?

It's better to go often and be safe than sorry. Although it may feel like your mouth is healthy, their could be hidden problems that you're not aware of.

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