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5 Easy Ways to Spruce up your Everyday Salad

5 Easy Ways to Spruce up your Everyday Salad

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We are all taught salad is good for us, but how many of us think of a salad as a bowl of lettuce with maybe a few other things tossed in? While lettuce is tasty and does fill you up, it is mainly made up of water meaning it doesn't do a whole lot for your body in the way of nutrition.

So why not try out some of these tips and rustle up a salad that will leave you satisfied and full of goodness.

Add texture

Part of what makes an everyday salad boring is that you are constantly chomping through the same texture, only made more exciting by the accessional piece of cucumber. By adding different textures to your salad you make it far more exciting for your brain as well as your taste buds. Try adding some coated chicken, crispy bacon bits, grilled halloumi, soft smooth avocado, crunchy greats or crisp radish.


With any salad ingredient, the fresher the better so make sure your ingredients are brought and kept fresh. This also applies to the topping you choose to put on your salad, making your own dressing can make for a much tastier meal, doesn't have to take very long and really brings a salad to life. Try substituting mayonnaise and salad cream for a lighter homemade natural yoghurt dressing, this will keep your salad light and delicious while also managing the calories.

Think outside the bowl

Adding hot and cold as well as cooked and raw elements to a salad can really make the dish work for you. try being creative with cuisine, salads can be made to fit whatever you are craving whether it is Indian, Asian, Italian, Mexican whichever styles you are fancying, tailor your salad to fit.


Grains, fruit, veg, meat, nuts, healthy carbohydrates you can add almost anything! switch up lettuce for spinach leaves, add healthy fats from nuts and avocado for heart health and to help you feel fuller for longer. Make sure you are still getting the carbs you need with elements like brown rice, sweet potato or rice noodles.

Grow your own

Growing your own plants can be very rewarding and they are always more flavoursome. Even if you have never picked up a spade before and don't have space, things like salad sprouts or micro-greens can all be grown on your windowsill and couldn't be easier. You can pick up a sprouting mix from most health food stores and the best thing is they are super quick growers so you could be adding them to your salad less than a week after planting them.

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