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5 Amusing British Traditions We Love.

5 Amusing British Traditions We Love.

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British traditions

When it comes to holidays and traditions, there are many prominent ones that are practised across the globe. It would be surprising if even tribes hidden in the deepest parts of the Amazon Rain-forest hadn't heard of Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter. The holidays are that heavily perpetuated and dispersed. Don't get us wrong, we adore the big holidays, but at the same time, we'd like to celebrate a few of the holidays that hold a special place in the heard of all Brits 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.

1. Bonfire Night In The Winter

Remember, remember the 5th of November...celebrated with sparklers, fireworks and, you guessed it, bonfires, this day commemorates the day in which Guy Fawkes blew up the houses of parliament. It may seem a little strange when you think about it, that we gather around a burning stuffed man. Nevertheless, tucked up snugly in your winter coats, complete with scarves, gloves and hats, gathered with loved ones, this event is definitely one of our favourites.

2. British Maypole Dancing On May Day

So this isn't a tradition that we've actually experienced ourselves, though it doesn't mean that we haven't become super familiar with it. It's history is very interesting. Historians believe that people danced around maypoles for the following reasons:

1. To promote fertility.

2. To create a symbolic place wherein local villages could come together in peace.

3. The Pagan notion of the universe was related to a tree

3. Lewes Fireworks

All year-round, Lewes, near Brighton in Sussex, is the kind of town in which you take afternoon tea in. On the 5th November, however, the town adopts a very different persona. Still swamped in traditions that go back 500 years, Lewes takes fireworks night oh-so seriously. Only those ready for a night of dangerous flame-throwing revelry should enter! 

4. Pancake Tossing

In spite of the fact that, globally, the rest of the world's carnivals celebrates Shrove Tuesday with colourful Mardi Gras celebrations, it's classic for the English to get out their frying pans and flip a few pancakes! I think what we love the most about this one is simply that we get an excuse to be extra piggy at breakfast. Nutella on pancakes? Of course! - It isss Pancake Day. I'm obliged. 🐷

5. Morris Dancing

Popular in villages around the Cotswolds and Welsh borders, you'll often see photos of men (and occassionally women) dressed in white trousers (or breeches) and tops that have red braces, dancing with a folky hop-and-a-skip whilst holding swords, handkerchiefs and sometimes sticks. Again, this isn't one we've done ourselves, but we'd love to try it, and the outfits look quite funny.

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