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5 Great Ways To Enjoy Your Snow Day

5 Great Ways To Enjoy Your Snow Day

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Snow in London
A recent photo of snow in London

There's no sign that Storm Emma will be slowing down in wales in the south west of the UK until around late midday tomorrow. Forecasts for London and up north are similar. So if your snow day isn't today, then it may well be tomorrow. While it may be easy to complain about the cold that has us reaching for hot water bottles and cranking up the gas, here are a few ways in which you can make the most of your day at home.

1. Read that book that's been gathering dust.

Chances are you have a book stashed in your room somewhere that you keep telling yourself you're going to read, but never do. Well here's your perfect opportunity. Since it's hardly likely that you'll be galavanting out in the snow for too long, going to work or going to school, now's the time for you to get into your favourite pyjamas or cosy clothes, and curl up with a book.

2. Make a phone call or write a letter.

Woman making phone call

Living in a texting generation means that communication is made at the touch of the fingertips, and yet, ironically, people seem to be more distant from each other than ever. Unless you're working at home, on your snow day, you're hardly going to be rushing around, which means you can relax and appreciate your life, including the people in them. Whether you call, skype call, or spend time crafting a meaningful letter to send to one of your nearest and dearest, there are few greater simple gestures for showing someone you care.

3. Clean your house to your favourite songs.

Spray bottle

It's funny how one of the most mundane of tasks can become incredibly therapeutic when combined with the fresh lemon/soapy scents of cleaning products and a playlist of your favourite tunes. At the end of a busy work day, cleaning up is often one of the last things you feel like doing, so take this free time to take a dull task and make it your own.

4. Play board games.

Board Game

Whether you're in a house-share, living at home, or in student accommodation, many of you won't be cosying up at home alone. Instead of crowding round the TV, why not engage in more of a social activity, a board game? Old school, perhaps, but a great and traditional way of bringing people together.

5. Cook Comfort Foods.

Comfort food

Having just relished a bowl of carrot soup with bread myself, comfort food can, most certainly, diminish those bleak mid-winter feels by warming you from the inside out.

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