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5 Activities To De-Stress In The Wake Of Christmas

5 Activities To De-Stress In The Wake Of Christmas

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With officially the most stressful time of the year having just passed, the chances are that you're feeling a little wound up; the residue of all that stress (and prosecco) still slowly working its way out of your system.

It can take time to unwind completely; however, here are 5 activities that will speed up the process and help you to feel calmer and clearer for the new year ahead.

Bottle bank therapy

No doubt your recycling bins are groaning after all the festivities, so why not clear the decks and head to the nearest bottle bank where you can enjoy smashing the glass bottles and jars into the skip.

The sound and the action of doing this is extremely effective for relieving any pent-up stress; not to mention the fact that you are doing something positive for the environment and clearing old debris out of the home.

Power walking

Power walking has a different vibe about it to running; something a bit more punchy and therapeutic. It's probably because the correct technique requires you make fists with your hands and then jab the air with an upper-cut action as you speed up your pace to as fast as it will go without breaking into a run. Go get dressed up in your finest lycra and go be that person.

Hit the gym

Head to the gym for a solid session of weight training, or boxing, which help to reduce feelings of frustration. It may mean you changing up your normal routine, so make sure to get some expert advice before you go lifting any heavy weights, to prevent causing yourself injury.

Loud music

Listen to music that you can sing along to at the top of your voice; the more rock and roll the better. Do this whilst running for even more of a physical/emotional release.

Skim stones

This simple activity incorporates everything you need to feel calmer and less stressed. Get outside in nature, by a lake somewhere and hunt around for the flattest, smoothest stones you can find.

Then wile away the time skimming stones across the water's surface and seeing how many times you can get the stone to jump. This activity is deeply restorative and can be enjoyed as part of a walk alone, or with the whole family.

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