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4 Yoga Poses To Help You Feel Empowered

4 Yoga Poses To Help You Feel Empowered

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Yoga is a 'shapeshifter' practice; one that can be moulded to suit your body's ever changing needs at every stage of life. Yoga is like a best friend that can always be relied on to make you feel better; both physically and emotionally.

This versatility means that every aspect of the human experience is covered under the practice, giving infinite scope to the study of yogic philosophy. Poses can therefore be categorised and combined into sequences that are tailored for specific times and when we are feeling a certain way.

Here we take the feeling of empowerment and give you four poses that can be used to ignite the power within you.

Goddess pose (Utkata Konasana)

The name of this pose says it all. Holding yourself in this expansive pose, that is also grounding in that you sink your hips towards the earth, invites a deep sense of empowerment into the body. Do this pose every time you need a reminder that you are a Goddess blessed with a divine power.

Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

Everything about this pose is powerful and strong. Looking down the length of your arm, which is held straight and firm, but not locked, is like being the physical embodiment of focussed. You are in a lunge forward position, with your legs and feet inline creating a strong and steady foundation; poised and ready for action. Off the mat, the essence of your Warrior II pose can be drawn upon to help you face whatever challenges life throws your way.

Mountain pose (Tadasana)

This pose can be dismissed as easy, however once mastered, it is one of the most transformational asanas there are. This is because it works on our standing posture, which is the cause of many health problems when we are out of alignment. How we stand also dictates our emotional state. How often have you felt awkward when required to stand up in front of people? Do you tend to slouch, or cross your arms when standing? A true sense of empowerment comes when we naturally stand tall and at ease.

Dancer's pose (Natarajasna)

Dancer's pose is technically a little tricky, as with all poses that rely on balance. However, everything is possible with practice and that is what yoga is; a continuous, never ending practice, no matter how 'accomplished' you may feel. The beauty of this pose, aside from how it looks, is the wonderful way in which the body counterbalances itself through the back arm and leg and the arm extended out in front. The video in this section is a whole sequence for boosting confidence and helping you to feel empowered. Enjoy.

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