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4 Ways to Choose a Hobby that is Right for you

4 Ways to Choose a Hobby that is Right for you

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The vast majority of women stumble into their hobbies, choosing activities that the people they know are doing, or that just “feel right.” But while social inclusion and gut feeling have their place, is there a better way to choose the hobby that’s right for you?

The answer, arguably, is “yes.” Choosing a hobby that’s right for you is a complex process. But if you get it right, you can achieve more fulfilment from your free time, greater positivity and improve your work-life balance.

Consider Your Level Of Introversion/Extraversion

Famed psychologist Carl Jung developed the foundations for modern psychological theories of extraversion and introversion. He pointed out that some people appear to be energised by social gatherings, while others found them draining. Still today, psychologists rely on his theories to help people achieve more in their lives. The type of hobby you choose, therefore, should depend on your preferred level of human contact. If you’re naturally introverted but work in a busy, people-filled environment, then you might want to choose a solo activity. Likewise, if you’re extraverted but spend a lot of your working day alone, then you may want to social hobby where you get to interact with others.

Consider The Types Of People That Interest You

Different people like to do different things - that should come as no surprise. But there’s also an observation that certain types of people are attracted to particular activities. As a woman looking for a new hobby, it’s important to consider the kind of people you’ll interact with when you decide to engage in a new pursuit.

The people at your work, for instance, might be highly business-focused. You may, therefore, want to experience a different type of person, say at an art club, who are more focused on expression and creativity.

Likewise, if you spend a lot of time with people in the public sector, then you may want to explore relationships and connect with people of a more entrepreneurial mindset.

Consider How You Want To Be Challenged

Most people need challenge and resistance to feel fulfilled in their lives. Overcoming challenges gives us worth and value. By doing something hard, we feel as if we have achieved something.

Your career or personal relationships aren’t the only places to find success: you can get that sense of achievement from your hobbies too. It’s a good idea, therefore, to think about how you want your hobby to challenge you. Do you want physical exertion or to lose weight? Do you want intellectual stimulation, such as learning a new language? Think carefully about the type of challenges that will grow you most as a person.

Consider Your Ability To See Things Through

Some hobbies you can pick up and put down whenever you like; Others such as building model railways, painting, or learning a new language, require persistent effort. If you struggle with committing to things, you may not want to choose a hobby that requires you to see things through. It may be better to go with something that you can pick up and put down whenever you want.

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