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4 Small Things You Can Do To Be More Environmentally-Friendly

4 Small Things You Can Do To Be More Environmentally-Friendly

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For anyone that may not have witnessed Leonardo DiCaprio speaking at the UN Climate Change Summit, climate and environment changes are happening as we speak. Merely one environmentally-friendly move can support our growing issues surrounding climate change. Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, but you will be minimising your expenses with the following environmentally-friendly pieces of advice:

Purchase Canvas Bags and Use Them for Groceries

You can store these in your car so that you do not forget to take them. Companies such as Trader Joe’s support an environmentally-friendly decision through adding you to a weekly raffle for all the bags that you take in yourself.

 Make A Compost Bin

Courtesy of Pinterest, using a bin to form a DIY compost bin has never been simpler. Throw in bio-degradable products, including fruit or vegetable scraps rather than chucking them into the bin. This will support your reduction of garbage, in addition to helping you to eventually produce nutrient-filled and healthy soil for both the landscape and garden.

Take shorter showers

Who doesn't appreciate the feeling of a luxurious, hot shower, though just a 5 minute spray is really all we require. Cutting a mere one minute off of a daily shower will save around a thousand gallons of water each year. Not only will this help the planet immensely, but can minimise your water-bill.

Wash with warm water

It is also better if you wash yourself with warm or cold water as frequently as you can. Around 90 percent of the energy used by a top-loader is for heating water. Select an Energy-Star washing machine that has a low (six or lower) “water factor,” (the number of gallons used per cycle).

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