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5 Simple Ways to Make Sure you are Eating Regular and Healthy Meals

5 Simple Ways to Make Sure you are Eating Regular and Healthy Meals

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Eating regular meals is so much more important then most of us think and it is also much easier to do then we might sometimes feel. Making sure we eat three meals a day along with a couple of healthy snacks cannot only help boost your metabolism but it will also improve your mood and general health.

Not eating frequently enough can cause a range of different health issue such as tiredness, dizziness, nausea and over long periods of time it can leave your body without the essential nutrients it needs to function at 100%. Starting to binge eat the wrong food can also be caused by not eating regular meals which can also hugely affect your health and cause unhealthy weight gain.

Often, the busyness of life becomes the reason that we do not look after ourselves properly but with these simple tips, you will see that you really don't need much time to make sure that you are getting the nutrients you need when you need it.

Never Skip Breakfast

The only saying of "breakfast being the most important meal of the day" couldn't be more right. Having a healthy breakfast sparks your energy levels and gets your body going for the day. Missing breakfast can cause your body to go into 'starvation mode' making you feel tired and irritated. Even if it is just a speedy meal, making sure you have a good breakfast will also help to cut down on snacking throughout the morning which can have a negative effect on later meals. If you find you skip breakfast because mornings are too busy and need a quick wholesome breakfast try one of our Breakfast Bowlsideas to keep you going all day. The can be soaked the night before so they're ready to eat straight out the fridge in the morning. If you really, really don't have time, even grabbing a banana to eat on the go will set you up for a healthier happier day.

Look Forward to Meals

Most of us will have tried out different diets meaning we eat barely anything and what we do eat if very unexciting and leaves us feeling hungry and unsatisfied. Often the consequence of these diets is we no longer look forward to our food. This can also happen when you eat the same thing on a regular basis, meals become uninteresting and this can go on to affect eating regularly.

If you are dieting try out our tips on how to make a salad more exciting, this will help you get the nutrients you need while sticking to your goals. If you feel like your meals have become unexciting, get your hands on a second-hand recipe book or an App and give a few new meals a go, they don't have to be expensive or time-consuming to make you fall back in love with your meals and have you looking forward to dinner all day.

Plan Ahead

Planning your meals ahead is an absolute must! A weekly meal plan will help you know exactly what you need to buy, helping you save on your weekly shop while ensuring you are eating regularly and enjoying your meals.

For busy lives preparing breakfast and lunch the night before can be a great way to make sure you have something healthy and tasty for each meal. Things, like making extra food with dinner and setting them aside for lunch the following day, can help cut down on waste by using up everything in the fridge, as well as guaranteeing you will have a good substantial meal ready to look forward to the next day.

Cut Down on Snacking

Snacking can really effect eating regular meals throughout the day and filling up on unhealthy snacks can mean we are too full to eat stuff that is better for us. Cutting out unhealthy snacks will mean that when you come to meal times you are hungry and ready to chow down on the healthy lunch you prepared the night before.

Some snacking can be good for you especially if you are going longer then 5 hours between meals. While sugary snacks may make you feel full of energy, this is normally short-lived, switching up to a healthier slow release snack like a banana or some nuts may take a bit of getting used too but you will soon notice the benefits.

Get into a Good Routine

We are creatures of habit and there is no exception when it comes to getting into bad eating routines. If you feel that your diet may have become a bit of an afterthought, it is time to get back into a healthy routine. What we put into our bodies is so important as it shapes our health, mood, energy levels and much more.

Making sure that you get into a healthy eating routine can take a little time and you should allow for times when you will deviate from your plan but this should not make you feel disheartened. Be persistent with your plan and your goals and follow these tips to a healthier, happier you.

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