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4 Simple Ways To Fix A Bad Hair Day

4 Simple Ways To Fix A Bad Hair Day

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Bad hair day

Defeat: Understanding that your hair is sometimes going to look like crap and this is one of those days. But no, you don't have to feel this way. While many of us resort to shamefully stuffing our hair into a loose bunch or pony, there's a few other little tricks you can keep under your belt to turn a bad hair day into a relatively good one!

For curls with volume and no frizz

A little bit of frizz can be a great thing as it makes a bigger and fuller shape. If you already have a little bit of fuzzy-ness going on then why not take advantage of it? For some glamorous volume to compliment it, flip your head upside down and fluff hair around your neck's nape with either a hair pick or your hands, hairstylist, Anthony Dickey says. It'll create body from below whilst keeping curls on the surface of the hair defined.

If you have hair going in every direction

Bobby pins are amazing for equalizing hair. However, nothing says "I'm having a really bad hair day today" like a scruff of bobby pins populating most areas of your head. Arrange them in a way that looks put together instead. Fugate recommends that you "Line up five to eight in a row so it looks intentional rather than just trying to hide something".

If your sheets creased your hair as well as your face

The hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins said that the greatest way to cover-up any bends in the hair that formed throughout the night is by using a curling iron. Part off little sections of hair and curl this mid-length until every wave blends together. 

If you can't even recognise your curls 

You know those gorgeous locks you had when you hit the sack? Now it looks like it's home to several birds. Shorter recommends dampening hands with water, pulling the hair together in a couple of tight braids on either side of the head, then untwisting them after 10 minutes.

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