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Reasons Why You Should Eat More Kale

Reasons Why You Should Eat More Kale

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What's all the hype over kale? As one of the most nutrient dense vegetables known alongside it's well-known counterparts, spinach and broccoli, there are so many ways in which kale will have a positive impact on your health. In an effort to get you, too, indulging in this leafy green, here are 5 reasons why you should eat more kale.

It's good for your liver


Your liver is important for detoxifying. Kale, alongside cruciferous veg like broccoli and cabbage have been shown to help the liver. Not getting enough of them has been proven to have detrimental effects.

High levels of Vitamin K

Vitamin K

Helps bone health, prevents calcification of the arteries, gives antioxidant benefits and regulates blood sugar levels.

Iron rich

Iron rich

With 1.5 milligrams of iron in 100g, kale is almost equivalent to beef which has 1.6. That's why people say kale is the new beef. Not only does iron help the brain but it supports muscle growth.

Helps you loose weight

Weight loss

You can eat as much kale as you like as you're hardly adding much in terms of calories and fat.

It feeds the brain

Brain food

Packed with manganese, kale helps your brain to function at optimal levels. There's also amino acids in kale that support the brain in giving us a pick-me-up. That is why we feel fresher and more energised after consuming a meal with kale, instead of the low, downtrodden felling we tend to get after eating fatty, artificial foods.

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