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Perks Of Being A Single Lady

Perks Of Being A Single Lady

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Single and free

Valentines has been and gone and has once again served as an annual, and sometimes painful reminder to all the single ladies and gentlemen out there that love just isn't in the air for them (atm). However, here is a different reminder of the many things to appreciate about doing life solo.

You can work on yourself


Being alone can provide you with the peace of mind that's needed for personal growth. Whilst those in relationships can most certainly work on bettering themselves, chances are that if they are thinking of themselves as forming a couple, more than as an individual, their mental state won't be as honed towards self reflection.

You can nurture your friendships


Have you ever had a friend that was so absorbed in a relationship that they began to neglect your friendship? While a relationship can leave you feeling swept of your feet, becoming so absorbed in one to the extent that you dismiss the people that care about you, it can have a detrimental effect on your friendships which are equally as important. Not being focused on one person means you are more likely to socialise with all those that matter to you.

You have your own space

Spread out

Whilst cuddling up next to a spouse might seem like a heart-warming prospect, equally as gratifying is the thought of being able to stretch out across your double bed like a cat, without being accused of hogging all the space. Having your own bedroom, house or apartment, also means you aren't forced to clean up after anyone else's mess, and you know that things will be where you left them!

You don't have to negotiate


So you want to go to that place in Italy you've always wanted to go to next weekend? Go for it! You want to go on a beach holiday with your best friends over Christmas? Who's stopping you? Being single means you don't have to worry about doing your own thing, on your own terms, without it being seen as selfish, or having to make any compromises!

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