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4 Moreish Rice Cake Toppings

4 Moreish Rice Cake Toppings

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Given the nutritional value of a rice cake, basically zilch, it all hinges on the topping. That's what makes them so great. They are essentially a little food cloud for all of the heavenly toppings you could possibly dream of; so you can literally have your cake and eat it.

Raw veggies

If "eat the rainbow" is the advice, then this is how you do it!

Healthy beetroot hummus

If you thought that normal hummus could not get any better, then wait until you try beetroot hummus 🤯

Strawberries and bananas

Stuck for a desert idea? Rice cakes topped with fruit are a healthy, visually appealing option that take next to no time to prepare!

Peanut butter with apple slices

A classic combination that is both delicious and satisfying, without being loaded with unwanted calories.

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