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4 Gift Ideas For Him

4 Gift Ideas For Him

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Whether it's for your partner's, dad's, friend's or brother's up-coming birthday, it can be so difficult shopping for men, seriously. If you're anything like some of us, and auto-pilot trapes on down to your nearest drugs store to pick up that same-old Lynx box-set on every occasion, well, here's a few different, more thoughtful gift ideas, that will surely not gather dust at the back of their wardrobes.

If he is a business man..

The Automatic Watch

Men's watch

If the man you are thinking of is pretty into his career, then we cannot understate the importance of classy wrist bling in the unspoken side of business. Whether he's leaning in for a steady handshake, using hand gestures during a presentation or reaching across to pick up his coffee, whatever decorates his wrist is constantly under scrutiny, believe it or not. Think of it as a male equivalent to a woman's bag. A bag from New Look is pretty fly, but damn, a Zara bag is the one. Checkout the Fossil Townsman watch or Bulova Automatic, both seem to assert, "I mean business".

If he is a big kid..

The Xbox One X

Please do not hate us for making this suggestion. But you know that if you don't get it then, at some point, he probably will. We're most certainly not tech-whizzes but it's clear that their latest product has some pretty exciting new features. Not only does it have 40% more power than any other console previously made, but it allows users to experience immersive true 4k gaming and the most advanced multi-player network.

If he is a sports man..

An Official Match Ball

A blatant fact, maybe, but it case you weren't aware, the majority of sporty men I know are football-fanatics. That's right, I can't count the amount of times I have been sat in on a conversation between two guys dropping football player names and making inside jokes about them as though they are their cousin's. I also can't count the number of times I've seen men getting hysterical over their favourite player getting disqualified or their favourite team missing the goal by a fraction. Our point is, men like football, so get them an Official Match Ball. You really can't go wrong with that. Just make sure you get the tissues ready for when he's crying with happiness.

If he is a super-hero geek..

An Avenger's Infinity War Hat

Snap-back's are all the rage right now. Pair that with an Infinity War design that super-hero geek's everywhere are going crazy about, and you're golden! This awesome design is available to buy on Amazon.

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