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4 F Words For Why It's Great Being Single

4 F Words For Why It's Great Being Single

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Being in a relationship is often heralded as the be-all and end-all in life. Disney, albeit incredible, is part to blame for creating a culture in which a happy ending is only ever possible with a "Prince Charming". It doesn't help either that every other song on the radio is some sickly ode to a completely unrealistic love ideal.

Society is slowly changing though, especially for women for whom the stigma of being single can be more acutely felt. We now celebrate independence and individualism more, as opposed to pity or fear it. We see the value in being single, as a time for powerful self development and empowerment.

Here are just four words beginning with F for why it's great being single.


There's no getting away from the fact that you have more freedom when you're single. You don't have to constantly think about someone else when making plans, or doing anything.

This is liberating on so many levels. You will almost certainly do more exciting stuff, or just more of the things that you want to do. This sense of freedom is psychological too. You are also more likely to be spontaneous and experience things more fully when you do it in your own time and in your own way.

Food habits

When you're with someone and your meals start to sync, bad habits can start to creep in. Women may put on weight, as generally speaking men need more calories and so you may find yourself automatically matching their intake.

Also, couples are just more likely to eat more when they're together; munching on snacks whilst watching TV and going out for food. Being single and cooking just for yourself for much of time means that diet preferences and healthy initiatives can often be adhered to more effectively.

Friends & family

As much as you try and fight it, being in a relationship takes a certain amount of time and effort, which inevitably distracts from other areas of your life, such as your friendships.

Love interests may come and go, but your friends and family are the one's who are most likely to be there through thick and thin. Being single is likely to mean that you have more spare time to spend with your nearest and dearest. Cherish every second, because life is short.

Feel good

Relationships can sometimes leave us feeling rubbish. Your boyfriend comments (or doesn't) on an outfit, or you catch him checking out another girl, which can send your sense of self esteem spiralling downwards. Being single, therefore, can empower you to feel good about yourself just the way you are, not trying to impress or live up to someone else's standards.

This can work the other way too. Sometimes, when we get comfortable in a relationship we can neglect aspects of self care, or taking a real pride in our appearance. Being single can make us more inclined to make that extra effort to look and feel our best.

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