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30 Things About Turning 30

30 Things About Turning 30

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Turning 30 is one of life's many milestones, and one that can evoke mixed emotions. It's worth remembering, however, that every new stage of life is precious and exciting and should be celebrated as such. They provide us with an opportunity to reflect on where we are and gain some perspective on what's really important in life.

Below is a list of 30 things about turning 30 that may be useful to consider.

1. Fitness

You only get one body in this life, so it makes sense to look after it. As you get older, fitness levels that were once easily attainable become more of a challenge and you may find those extra pounds harder to shift. This is all perfectly normal and part of a natural and beautiful process that is life. Instead of trying to fight against what is inevitable, practice acceptance and listen to your bodies needs.

You may want to change up your exercise routine to reflect a new chapter in your life, focusing more on yoga and runs in the countryside rather than slogging it out at the gym, which you never enjoyed anyway! At 30, you are better able to discern what serves you and what doesn't, so make your fitness about doing more of the things that you enjoy.

2. Redecorate

Generally speaking, after the workplace, home is where you spend most of your time. Therefore, it's important to create a space that you love being in. Painting the kitchen, getting new curtains or even just upgrading the bedding are all little touches that can make a big difference. Keeping your home feeling fresh and beautiful makes for a healthier environment and happier inhabitants.

3. Money

Take the time to review all of your bank accounts and various outgoings. Seek professional advice for how you can be more efficient with your earnings and how to effectively save money. You may also want to think about writing a will. This may sound morbid and far too early, however planning for the future is only sensible and could potentially make life much easier for those you love.

4. Interact with animals more

If you love animals and feel that there's a furry, four-legged hole missing in your life, why not get a pet? Make sure you carefully consider the time, space and general care and attention that they require beforehand and choose an animal wisely.

If it's not possible at this time, then maybe surround yourself with animals in a different way; such as going horse riding, or attending a petting zoo. Animals have an amazing indifference to the internal struggles we experience as humans, which in turn has a positive effect on our wellbeing.

If all of the above are too time consuming or too much of a commitment, then why not support your local wildlife instead. For example, feeding the birds. They will soon be 'tweeting' the news of a safe and reliable food source and before you know it, you will have a whole array of different bird species to marvel at.

5. Career

Maybe you have been in the same job for too long and need a change, or maybe you've had time off to start a family and want to get back into the workplace? Whatever your situation is, it's likely that you have to spend a large proportion of your life doing some form of work, so it's worth making sure that you're happy.

There are lots of options for those seeking a new line of work or wanting to progress within a career. Why not look into taking a course and developing new skills, which you can bring to the workplace? Remember that it's never too late to follow a dream.

6. Life insurance

This is something to bear in mind, if you haven't already. The sooner you start, the better and having something in place will bring considerable peace of mind.

7. Makeover

Turning 30 is a fantastic opportunity to assess and refresh your look. You might decide to do something drastic, such as cutting your hair short and dying it pink. Or maybe you'll decide to chuck away everything in your makeup bag and start afresh with all natural, vegan products.

You are entering a new decade, so out with old routines that are so your 20's and in with new ways of doing things and a completely revamped hair and beauty approach.

8. Relationships

Sometimes, where you thought you would be and where you are, don't quite match up and we feel the cold stab of fear that we have in some way failed. This is a dangerous misconception and one that is bolstered by a society that is full of unhealthy norms and outdated values, unless of course you fit perfectly into the status quo.

Whether you're dating different people each week, in a long-term relationship, married and with children, or single and not looking for any kind of relationship; don't allow social pressures to dictate how you live your life and push you in directions that are not meant to be.

This is how people wind up deeply unhappy and dissatisfied later on in life. Be with people because you love them and they make you happy, stop investing emotional energy in relationships that no longer serve you and cut ties where necessary. Life is too short for that s***.

9. Set yourself a personal challenge

This could be a half marathon, climbing a mountain, or something non-physical such as cutting out sugar for a month. Make it something that will benefit your health or wellbeing, or do it for a good cause, so that it instills a strong sense of accomplishment once completed. This is a powerful way to positively strengthen neurotransmitters in the brain, which can then be activated in other areas of your life.

10. Connect with friends and family

It's easy for the days, months and years even to pass by without getting in touch with certain people. Sure, life gets in the way, but sometimes you have to stop and make a conscious effort to reinforce the connections you have with people.

Cherish those who love and support you and if the business of life has meant losing touch, then make a point of reestablishing contact. It only takes a quick message, or picking up the phone and no one is so busy that they can't make time for that.

11. Be more creative

Whether your studio of choice is a potting shed, a kitchen or a desk with your laptop on it, make more time for your passions. Or, why not learn a new creative pursuit by signing up for an art class, or a gardening course? Many of them run in the evenings, or at flexible times throughout the day and they provide a fantastic way to meet new people.

12. Learn a language

Stretch the fibres of your mental capacity by learning a foreign language. There are some great apps available, for example Duolingo, that provide you with the necessary tools and allow you to learn at your own pace.

Once you grasp the basics, why not practice what you've learnt at a language exchange, where you can build on your skills and chat to complete strangers. Comfort zone left - objective achieved!

13. Overcome a fear

A lot of our fears stem from experiences in our past that have shaped our internal belief system. This system has no rationale for the truth, so often we harbour deep seated fears about completely irrational things.

Fear is mostly irrational, but it takes effort to unearth where it's stemming from and to dismantle the belief system surrounding it. This is where therapies, such as hypnosis or counselling, could help. You're 30 now; time to leave unwanted emotional baggage behind and step into this new chapter of your life, light and fearless.

14. Take a break

How good will you be at your job when you've burnt yourself out and have a mental, or physical, illness as a result? You won't be. Make sure you are relaxing properly and taking regular breaks, whatever it is that you're doing. Take heed from this well known self care quote: "You cannot pour from an empty cup".

8. Parenting

Being a mum is one of the most full-on jobs out there; a job that can often go unrecognised as such. Remember to give yourself a daily pat on the back, no matter if it's a great 'who said parenting is hard' day, or an 'I only just managed to put my shoes on the right feet this morning' kind of day. Rest assured that you are doing an incredible job and those little ones idolise you.

If children are not part of your plan, never feel under any obligation to have to explain your choice. We are all individuals and what we decide to do in our life (providing we're not hurting anyone) is nobody else's business.

16. Culture

Become a bit of a culture vulture and revisit the some of the popular classics that you hear people talking about, but have thus far escaped your attention. Books such as, Pride and Prejudice and Moby Dick. Reading anything makes you more cultured, however reading classical novels is a guaranteed way to enhance your general knowledge and fuel more intelligent conversations

Books are now often available as an audio download using Audible, so swap reading with a bit of listening. Audio books are fantastic for journeys and for falling asleep to and are nice as an alternative to reading.

17. Try something new

Whether it's cooking up a new cuisine, wearing something you've never worn before, or jumping out of an aeroplane; try new things! We so easily get stuck in a rut and lose touch with our playful natures; the side of us that wants to explore new things and experience everything.

18. Start a new tradition

Whether it's a Saturday night takeaway with the whole family, or a Christmas gathering at a certain place with certain people; long held traditions only exist because somebody one day decided it. Be that person!

19. Location, Location, Location

Are you living where you want to be? Reaching 30 is exciting because you've had time to figure yourself out a bit and know what makes you happy. It makes life a lot easier and more enjoyable. Where you live can have a huge impact on your wellbeing, so if you moved to the city in your 20s to be at the hub of the action, is the countryside calling your name? Or, is your dream to live by the sea? Now's the time to assess what small corner of the globe you call home and whether your heart yearns for a change of scenery.

20. Family

Building a life takes hard work and dedication; whether you're starting a family, advancing your career or travelling around world. In the midst of it, it's easy to forget to make time for those who made you who you are today. You may be focused on turning 30 but remember; everyone around you is getting older too, so make time for dinners, a quick catch-up over a cup of tea or a Skype date from 11,000 miles away.

21. Volunteer

You may not have much time, but even just a few evenings around this time of year can make a huge difference. Choose something you're passionate about, whether it's books, helping the homeless or an animal rescue centre, they will all welcome a bit of extra help. Your actions will not only benefit others, but will make you feel more grounded and is also a great thing to teach children as a parent or a role model.

22. Finish something you started

We all have unfinished projects lurking in the background; a discarded template for a dress that was never made, or a notebook half full of the book we began writing 5 years ago. Even things as minor as a puzzle, or a book you never finished; no matter how long it's been, find it, brush of the dust and make an effort to finish something you started.

23. Stop comparing yourself to others

We are all guilty of doing this to some degree or another, but it's extremely unhealthy. The recent rise in social media use has served to exacerbate the problem and is likely part to blame for why there are such high rates of mental health issues being reported among young people.

If you find that you are constantly comparing everything to everything, then turning 30 is the time to make an effort to stop. It's a pointless activity that's detrimental to your enjoyment of life. Just accept what is and make the best of what you've got; your happiness depends on it.

24. Be up to date with your cervical smear test

This is something that all women should do from the age of 25. It's a 5-minute doctors appointment that helps to save lives and could save yours.

25. Treat yourself

Why not treat yourself to a luxury fine dining experience? You may be confused as to you how those tiny portions could ever fill you up, but you never know until you try it and certain events, like turning 30, present you with the perfect excuse.

26. Get a health check

Even if you feel fine and that tiredness etc is just a part of everyday life, getting a health check will either put your mind at rest, or flag up things that might need some attention before it's too late.

27. Be present in the moment more

In this day and age, we are slaves to our screens, meaning we ignore those around us and miss things. This isn't living and too much of it is actually bad for your health. Put down your phone, tablet or whatever it is and take in the world around you.

28. Consider your foot print

No, this doesn't refer to the muddy footprints in the hallway, but what impact your existence on this planet will have had once you're gone. Be aware of the consequences of your choices you make, such as what you wear, the products you useproducts you use and your diet.

29. Celebrate being 30!

There is a lot of evidence to support that turning 30 is one of the most exciting times in your life. The coming decade is one you can enjoy fully, without so much of the angst and confusion that addled your 20s.

Celebrate this juicy figure and sing it from the rooftops. Three is a prime number and you are just hitting yours, so discard any crazy notions that 30 is something to be feared (see 13).

30. Believe in yourself

You are exactly where you are meant to be in life, don't be fooled into thinking otherwise. Stay open to learning and discovering new things and embrace change. Above all, be grateful for everything you've got because when you think about it, life is pretty amazing and worrying is futile anyway.

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