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3 Sorts Of People You Need In Your Life

3 Sorts Of People You Need In Your Life

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Soul mate

There are many people that contribute to our growth throughout our lifetime. The ones that catch us when we fall, speak the truth we don't want to hear, feed our spirits and highlight to us our differences. Never forget to value the people in the following types that come to mind. They're invaluable.

1. The Soul Mates

Throughout your life, you will come across people that you feel like you've known, like, forever. You'll feel understood, loved and comforted when you're around them, and you'll connect on every level. Things will just click. This person doesn't even need to be in the form of a partner either, but could arrive in the form of a friendship. So if you have someone like this in your life, don’t ever let them go. 

2. The Mentor

This individual can arise in your life in so many different forms, be it a parent, friend, teacher at school or spiritual leader. Oozing with wisdom and life experience, it is likely that every word they come out with you will grasp onto oh-so-tightly. Although it's likely that they will be older than you, it could be someone the same age as you that you deeply respect.

3. The Opposite

It's likely that, many times, you've resented this person's ability to highlight to you what you are and what you are not. Maybe while you're a little reserved, this person is incredibly extroverted. Anyhow, although there'll be plenty of occasions when you just do not get along, they'll help you to "counterbalance" you, help you to reach your full potential. Their weakness will be your strength and vice versa.

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