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3 Luxury Date Ideas

3 Luxury Date Ideas

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Got a celebration looming, or wanting to plan something extra special for your SO? Make sure to have your credit card at the ready with these three luxury date ideas.

Which one would you choose?

Spa weekend

For a weekend of pure pampering and complete relaxation with a loved one, a spa weekend is the ultimate choice. You can go as glitzy as you wish with this option, as costs quickly add up when you include fine dining and a nice treatment package. Come away feeling renewed, having enjoyed some serious quality time away with your partner.

A day at the races

This is a fantastic opportunity to experience something a little bit different, get glammed up and splurge cash on gambling whims. Indulgence at it's very finest and the perfect way to create special memories with someone. Make sure you both look the part and are feeling lucky that day.

Paris mini break

The creme de la creme of romantic destinations; Paris has it all for you love sick puppies. Kiss under the Eiffel tower, walk hand in hand along the river Seine and visit the Wall of Love where you can utter the phrase "je t'aime" in your most convincing French accent. Not called the "city of love" for nothing; Paris is a haven of seductive bars and cafes, stunning architecture and a rich romantic history captured in the art and the language that surrounds you.

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