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3 Eyeliner Hacks That Actually Work

3 Eyeliner Hacks That Actually Work

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1. Use the spoon edges and curves to master the ideal cat-eye shape.

Silver spoon

Take a spoon handle to sketch the angled line and curve of the spoon to make the shape. Lastly, fill it in to create the flick.

2. Use business card edge to get the perfect flick.

Image courtesy of Cosmopolitan

If freehand drawing is too tough, try tracing the line.

3. Fix smudges with a skin-coloured eyeliner.

Skin coloured eyeliner

If your liner is a little too smudged, cover it with a skin-coloured liner rather than rubbing it out and starting over. This is also an amazing idea if you'd like to make an extra-crisp line.

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