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3 Amazing Holiday Ideas For 2018

3 Amazing Holiday Ideas For 2018

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Thinking about jet-setting this year? Great! Whether you are looking for a splash of sunshine, a frosty get-away, or simply something new, here are our top picks of unique holiday ideas for 2018.

Gaze into the frozen waters of Lake Baikal, Russia.

With miles and miles of clear frozen ice, it’s no wonder that Instagram accounts such as @lake.baikal boast of its myriad of white, blue, green and emerald patterns. Surprising, is the fact that few people have heard of this dream-like destination. Some say, with its crystal clarity, you can see fish, plants and bluish gulf. Apparently, the water in the lake is so clear, that you can see various objects to the depth of 40 meters. Let walking on water become a reality this year and jet-set to this treasure of a location.

Stargaze in Teide National Park, Tenerife.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site surrounding Mount Teide in the centre of Tenerife, Teide National Park is famed for its star-lit skies. If you’ve ever dreamed about crystal clear, borderless horizons, well this is it. This is the place. The Park’s ground scenery is not too bad either. Aswell as being a volcanic landscape filled with lava rocks, lava streams and ash beds, Teide National Park homes the towering Echium wildprettii plants (also known as Teide viper’s bugloss). These incredible plants have 2m tall reddish spikes in early summer. Not your typical English roses. Pack your binoculars, gather your nearest and dearest and venture to this place for a holiday under the heavens.

Cruise to Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia.

Perhaps the epitome of the phrase “hidden gem”. But perhaps not for long. The Instagram account @thelembongantraveller which shows off Lembongan’s beautiful white sand beaches, coral reefs and low limestone cliffs, has catapulted to 54.3k+ followers in recent years. Merely a 30-minute boat ride from Bali, is equally if not more stunning. The only difference being, there’s practically no one on it. If you’d like to soak up the essence of Indonesia, without the tourism hype, book your flights now before it gets overrun!

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