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20 Reasons Why You Should Go Swimming

20 Reasons Why You Should Go Swimming

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No matter what the weather or time of year, swimming is a physical activity that anyone can get involved in if there's an indoor pool around. What's more is that the activity boasts an incredible amount of health benefits, both mental and physical. Here's 20 facts about the sport that will get you to the pool, though there's actually many more that will cast it in your favour.

Improves mental health

Swimming ranks No. 3 in popularity of sports activities

Relieves stress

Swimming is an aerobic exercise which triggers the release of endorphins in the brain, chemicals that evoke feelings of euphoria and contentment.

Boosts immunity

Having many positive effects on the lymphatic system, when the lymph system is in check, white blood cells are frequently issued, meaning heightened immunity against infection and disease.


Wherever there's a pool, families congregate, for fun, swimming, and a barbecue in the sun.

Cardio Conditioning

Swimming strengthens the heart, making it become larger. Yes that's right, it gives you a big heart, literally.

Total Body Workout

Targeting everything from your arms to your back, swimming is the original total-body workout.

Improves Posture

Swimming strengthens your joints by improving the spinal column's position. This makes it amazing exercise for people that have all sorts of back issues and problems.

Improves Coordination

Swimming develops your body's motor coordination.

It's Popular

Swimming for fitness averages No. 2 in “aspirational” sports participation on non-participants by age (6 to 65+) for the 2016 Physical Activity Council Report.

Increases Flexibility

If the pool is heated this is even better! Muscles will become increasingly relaxed, which furthers flexibility and allows you to get involved in important stretching exercises. 

Burns Calories

Swimming heightens your metabolism, drawing on the "burn" for a significant duration, even after you've left the pool.

You can go as you are

All you really need is a swimsuit. All the extra things like goggles and a head cap is up to you and your budget.

Beats the heat

It's probably not a new idea to you that swimming is refreshing. When temperatures escalate, sometimes the only escape is a big body of water.


Swimming increases you self-reliance. It makes you feel more powerful — ready to take on the world.

Good for anyone/everyone

90 year old seniors do it. Tiny toddlers do it. Swimming doesn't discriminate.

Helps You Quit Smoking

Ever attempted to quit smoking or know of someone in the process? Tell them to jump into a pool - it works.

You can do it for life

Unlike baseball, soccer or skiing, you will not need to "retire" from swimming. 

It makes you taller, longer, leaner

It's not going to increase height where you simply do not have the genetics, but it is capable of building far longer and leaner muscles. 

Weight loss

For many, simply the idea or act of wearing a swimsuit in public, even in a backyard pool, can be the necessary force for shedding a couple pounds.


Swimming is nice to the joints and gives sore knees a rest from sustained pounding on the pavement.

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