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15 Cute And Cheap Date Ideas

15 Cute And Cheap Date Ideas

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If you're like many busy couples of the 21st century, chances are, it's been quite a while since you've had some substantial, quality time spent together. This isn't too shocking though. Not only are our lives becoming ever-manic, but the stereotypical date can be extremely expensive. Merely going-out for dinner after a movie can result in £50 or more spent in a single evening. When you're in the midst of saving for a car, a down payment, or a baby, splashing the cash here and there may not be an appropriate option.

However, you do not need endless funds to keep that spark alive. Here are 15 cute date ideas to break up the monotony of your standard 9-5, and add some excitement to your week. 

1. Play a Game Together

2. Get in Touch With Your Creative Side

3. Work on a Puzzle

4. Have a Picnic in the Park

5. Take a Walk

6. Have a Movie Marathon, or Binge Watch Seasons of Shows

7. Reconnect Over Your Future

8. Take a Scenic Drive

9. Have a Fun Photo-shoot

10. Drive Down Memory Lane

11. Look for Specials

12. Go on a Day Trip

13. Go to a Museum

14. Go to the Zoo

15. Visit a Botanical Garden

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