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100% Natural&Organic Beauty Hacks
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100% Natural&Organic Beauty Hacks

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Ditch the toxins in your beauty products and embrace all natural and organic alternatives. Nature really does have all the answers. The more we learn, the more we are realising that naturally derived products are simply better and more effective, not to mention cheaper!

Here are a few examples of how you can be a natural goddess in the bathroom and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing there's no nasties in what your using and that you're saving money too!

The toner: Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a bit of a miracle substance in the natural health world. It's not a new thing either; Hippocrates was prescribing it in 400 B.C. Anyway, along with the extensive list of other things it treats and heals, it's also a superb facial toner. Due to high levels of malic acid, when diluted with water and applied to the face using a cotton wool pad, it dissolves excess oil and removes dead skin cells.

The antibacterial properties in ACV also reduces the cause of spots and the acidity re-balances the skin's natural pH levels for a clearer more even skin tone. Make sure to only buy organic apple cider vinegar that contains 'The Mother', which is basically all of the active ingredient that gives it it's potency.

The body moisturiser: Coconut oil

Slathering coconut oil all over the body after a shower is one of the best and cheapest ways to keep skin silky smooth and nourished. The stuff is packed full of essential amino acids, vitamin E and saturated fat which creates a protective barrier on the skin. It also contains antibacterial properties which can help to heal damaged skin.

It's worth noting here, that coconut oil is fantastic as a body moisturiser but should be used with caution on the face, as it can cause break outs. Another lesser known, powerful use for this oil is as a mouthwash. Referred to as oil pulling, this ancient technique draws impurities from the oral region, which can improve all manner of ailments.

The face mask: Honey

If you have never used honey on your skin, then you really need to know about this. It may sound ridiculous and messy, but stick with me. Firstly, the best way to incorporate it into your self-care routine is to apply it just before you shower and then use the time while it's working it's magic to shave your legs or shampoo your hair.

Once you rinse it off you will realise something wonderful. Your skin will have absorbed some of the potent antioxidants contained within honey, whilst receiving the all the moisturising benefits, so your skin will appear more youthful. Any blemishes will have been reduced from the antibacterial properties and pores will be clarified. All that and you can lick any wayward drips for a sweet, delicious taste sensation.

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